Sunday, January 21, 2018


Originally aired on 1/15/2018



James Baldwin on the Dick Cavett Show
Galactic Unity Ensemble “Meditation Too” [excerpt]
Patrick Cowley & Candida Royalle “Candida Cosmica”
Damno Te “Time Tunnel”
Scattered Order “Burros Through Mexico”
Order of Nine Angels “Mammon”
Chris Connelly, three pieces from Day of Knowledge: “Satsita Two,” “Beyond Science and Evil,” and “Shalamov”
Nurse With Wound “Futurismo” [excerpt]
The Residents & Renaldo and The Loaf “The Sailor Song”
The Bus (This is My Time to Make My Sense)
“Harrumph!” scene from Blazing Saddles
Glenn Miller Orchestra (Marion Hutton, vocals) “The Woodpecker Song”

[your dj speaks over Dudu Pakwana & Spear “Joe’s Jika”]

Fetisch Park “Sucked Up”
Monique Jean “Danse de l’enfant esseulee” (Dance of the lonely child)
Joan La Barbara singing John Cage’s “A Flower”
I’d M thfft able “test detest, teste detest”
Strangulated Beatoffs “That’ll Be 200 Dollars Ma’am”
The Shadow Ring “Coombe House”
Harald Sack Ziegler “Revenge (Final Battle)”
“Small Battle” from the album: The Mighty U.S. Armed Forces Sound Effects in Action!
R. Stevie Moore “Joy to the World”

[your DJ speaks over John Zorn’s “Mo’ed”]

Sebastien Roux “Guet-Apens”
VI “Et in pulverem mortis deduxisti me” from album, De Praestgiis Angelorum 
“Treatise” performed by Jim Parker, ARP Synthesizer, Carrie Biolo, Vibraphone/Percussion, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Violoncello; Lou Mallozzi, Stimme [excerpt]
Neil Jendon “Longer”
Brent Gutzeit “American Pop Music” [excerpt]
Monique Rollin “Etude Vocale”
Bizita Q “Ritual in the Middle of Nowhere”
Jeb Loy & The Oil Wells “Things That Made U.S.”
Nuclear Blast!
The Scotsmen “Beer Bust Blues”
Black Flag “TV Party”
KRS-One “Sound of da Police”
Mary Martin singing “Bibbity Bobbity Boo”
ALF for the U.S. Department of Interior

[your dj speaks over Errol Brown’s Roots Rockas]

The Golden Date Quartet “Wade in the Water”
D.R. Hooker “A Stranger’s Smile”
Sote “Segaah”
Francis Dhomont “Studio de nuit”
Panicsville/Black Machine “wig”
Acid Bath Vampire “Wicked West” [excerpt]
The Electras “Dirty Old Man”
Kong Nai “Kontriev Doeung Kon Mai”
Randall Smith “Collision”
Asio Flammeus (Short-Eared Owl)
Lee Gamble “Pandemonium Institute” …mixed with…
Enzo Minarelli “Knowledge As Purpose of Life”
Elysia Crampton & Rabit “The Demon City”
Rolling Stones “Heaven”

[your dj speaks over music from Jacques Tati’s Playtime]

Vox Populi “Tik & Tics”

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Intemperately, Straw Abandoned

Originally aired on WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago on 1/8/2018

THX Movie Intro
Boron “Brunwuld” …mixed with…
Adriano Zanni “In the Distance”
Ghedalia Tazartes, Pawel Romanczuk, Andrej Zaleski “Wolves and Birds”
Arvo Zylo “Upheaval Version 67”
Excerpt from The Honorable Schoolboy by John Le Carre
Michel Chion “La Machine A Passer Le Temps” [“The Time Machine”]
Nikolaienko “Curious Casus”
Erkin Koray “Ankara Sokaklari”
Buddy Emmons doing Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major
Francis Dhomont “Transfert II” (mixed in with the Canon)
Etant Donnes “Right”
Anna Meredith “Nautilus”
Jason Crumer “All Friends and Old Flames” [excerpt, mixed with…]
Persona “Fogo”

[your dj speaks over Conrad Schnitzler’s “Black Nails”]

Peter Hammill “The Cut”
Latin Playboys “Chinese Surprize”
Twink “The Great Circus Show”
Porest “Mother Of All Mistakes”
The Monks “Boys Are Boys and Girls Are Choice”
Sister Nancy “Transport Connection”
…with maybe a little Angel Marcloid  (recording as Justin Marc Lloyd) “Acute ~Acquainting ~Quaint”
Noura Mint Seymali “Tia”
Peter Walker “Second Song”
Brian Hodgson, Delia Derbyshire & Don Harper “Celestial Cantabile”
Leo Weinberger “horizon of closed eyes”
Death Praxis “Bad Seed”
Paktofonika “Lepiej Byc Nie Moze”

[your dj speaks]

Anxiety “Dark & Wet”
Barnes & Barnes “E’s Epistle”
Jackie Shane “In My Tenement”
Cold Sun “Fall”
Roberto Musci “Woman of Water and Music”
Demdike Stare “New Use for Old Circuits”
Peter J. Woods “Tattered Clothes of a Former Emperor” [excerpt] 
Corporate Park “All or Nothing”
Johnny Osbourne “Buddy Bye Bye”

[your dj speaks over Hugo Montenegro’s Perfidia”]

Johanna Beyer “Music of the Spheres”
Video-Aventures “1mn45 Au Ponukele”
Thomas Koner “Des Rives” [excerpt]
Brume “Value Exaggeration Part One”
Sixes “Untitled” from Organ Cuts II
Chusuhishoku “Sublime Act”
Aleksi Perala “UK74R1510029”
Davis Redford Triad “Echoplex Orchestral Movement, Pt. 4” [excerpt]

End of recording!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Foamy White

[Originally Aired 12/18/2017]

Annea Lockwood “World Rhythms” [excerpt]
Zweistein “I’m a Melody Maker”
Steve Reich & Russ Hartenberger “Clapping Music” [excerpt]
Curtis Chip “Secret Intermission”
Demdike Stare “Floor Stairwell”
Troy Schafer, Brian Steele, Dan Woodman, David Stearns, Sonny Blood, Iam Lee Ian, Dave 3000; “Astral Crossing” from the album, Crisis and the Healing Image
Stuart Chalmers “The Void” …mixed with…
Donald Fraser “Locomotion”
Tod Dockstader “Blackhole Dropout”
Silver Apples “The Mist”

[your dj speaks over some tatsu aoki]

Electro static cat “Datur Omnibus Mori”
Srdjan Eftimovski “Foamy White”
Sawako Tamaru “Suishoren”
The New York Dolls performing “Personality Crisis” live in Paris, 1973
Helen Grayco “Lily’s Lament”
The Horrors “Death at the Chapel”
Swamp Dogg “Remember I Said Tomorrow”

[your dj speaks over locomotion mordant mix]

King Missile “Take Stuff From Work”
Cold Sun “Twisted Flower”
Sweep the Leg Johnny (NOT Sto Cazzo!  That is the album title) “The Fine Wrinkles; We Have All of Them” & “That Than Which Nothing Greater Can Be”
Megan Roberts “I Could Sit Here All Day” [excerpt]
Evil Acidhead “Looped in the Temple of Yeti” [excerpt]
Corporate Park “Restricted Area”
A reading from a piece by Lindsey Hilsum called “The Rainy Season” from Granta # 125
Coil “Her Friends the Wolves”
Don Cherry “Brown Rice”
The Rolling Stones “Moonlight Mile”

[your dj speaks]

Johan Dalgas Frisch “Emperor Waltz” – with birds
“Amanaz” by Amanaz
DJ Hell “Keep on Waiting”
Monoton “HzBeats”
Unknown locked groove from the No Part of It album of locked grooves called “Trunculence”
Ehsan Saboohi “Dhikr I”
“Another Song about Euryale” by Lobisomem remixed by Totem Test
Ake Parmerud “Cut 1, 2, 3 Progress”
Todd Anderson-Kunert “When a Warm Embrace Feels Cold” (I think) …mixed into…
Howlround “Live at Jardins Efemeros Festival, Portugal”
Alice Cooper doing “Because”
Zeek Sheck “Mind Will Travel”
Smegma live at No Fun Fest [excerpt]

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Purity, Body, Flavor

[originally aired on November 27, 2017]

Take Up Serpents: tracks 1 & 2 from (Prayers) from Beneath the Sand
Bestial Mouths “Heartless”
Maja osojnik “Authority”
Peter Michael Hamel “Mandala”
Regosphere “Waves of Nausea”
The Collection of the Late Howell Bend “Dominated by Splendor”
Yothu Yindi “Gapu”
Kevin Ayers “Singing a Song in The Morning”
The Centimeters “The Facts of Destiny”
The Soft Boys “Wading Through a Ventilator”
Johnny Otis w/ Little Esther “Mean Ole Gal”
Chrome “Third Seed from the Bud”

[your DJ speaks over Kiyoshi Mizutani’s “Incineration”]

David Bowie “DJ”
Batsumi “Lishonile”
Konx-Om-Pax “Perc Rave”
Anne Guthrie & Richard Kamerman “Re{Z} = Piper, Im{Z} = Andrej” [excerpt]
Sebadoh “Holy Picture”
Richard Pinhas “1992: ICELAND: intro”
Dave Phillips & Hiroshi Hasegawa “hexapod retaliation” [excerpt]
Love & Rockets “The Telephone is Empty”
More DP & HH
Piero Milesi “Between the scale and the apple”
Ehsan Saboohi “Prelude”
Hamlet Gonashvili “Tsintskaro”
Francis Dhomont “For T. Furieuse”
The Motor Totemist Guild “Farmer without Strings”

[your dj speaks over Delroy Edwards “Can U Get With”]

Rhythm Plague “Radio Free Dude”
Salvador Dali shilling for Alka Seltzer
Benny Hill “Ernie “The Fastest Milkman In The West”
Sote “2” from Dastgaah
German Shepherds “Communist Control”
Orange Bicycle “Hazy Shade of Winter”
The Unwanted “I’m Not Me”
Head Boggle “Live at 2 1 Grand ‘07” [excerpt]
ENOXAEON “Phonating Discord”
Madame P “Dyma” [excerpt]
Paul Lansky “Chorus” (Part VI of Threads, performed by So Percussion)
Marlo Eggplant “Theadle” [excerpt]
Untitled track (# 3) from the album vehemence 6.2 by Skleros
Pulp “Mile End”

[your dj speaks!]

John Berry “Mood One”
Andy Giorbino “Stadt der Kinder” (dang, forgot I played this a couple months ago)
Brian Case “Active Enemy”
Beatriz Ferreyra “Demeures aquatiques”

(end of recording)

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Sweet Teeth

[Originally aired on 11/20/2017]

Coil “All the Pretty Little Horses”
So Percussion performing Paul Lansky’s Threads, part V
David Toop “For a Language to Come” [excerpt]
Asda “Long Grass”
David Lang’s “I lie” performed by Ars Nova Copenhagen
[excerpt of Sixes’s Organ Cuts mixed in]
Josh Lay “Heirophant” [layered in to the Sixes track]
Lee Gamble “Razor” [layered into the Sixes track]

[your DJ speaks over the Pink Panther theme]

Experience Unlimited “Da’ Butt”
Carl Perkins “Put Your Cat Clothes On”
Deranged Diction “Aspirin”
Nils “Der Drummer Mit Dem Holzbein”
Xenia Rubinos “Lonely Lover”
Yello “Reverse Lion”
Cibo Matto “the candy man”
Sly & The Family Stone “Spaced Cowboy”
Music from the Film “The Arborist” from the World War Tree CD
Sote “Plural”
Golden Gate Quartet “Wade In the Water”

[your DJ speaks]

Disposable Culture Preservation Society, untitled track  (#3) from the CDR, History of Popular Music
Envenomist “Glaciated Landscapes” [excerpt]
T.O.M.B. “The Great Venerat Insult” [mixed in]
Jiving Juniors “Sugar Dandy”

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Garlic, and a Rose from Marc

[Originally aired on Monday, November 13th, 2017]

Bryan Lewis Saunders “Social Masochist”
Head Boggle “Buttons” [excerpt]
Carl Stone “Unconsciousness” [excerpt]
Torturing Nurse “Nightmare I”
Train Sounds
...mixed with: Christina Kubisch “amplified Speech from Mosque”
Okay Temiz & Johnny Dyani “The Night”
Maria Teresa Luciani “Modern Residential Complex”
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem “Petit Sapin”
Aube “Shackle” [excerpt]
WMAL Radio Washington DC
Circuit Wound “Patience Wears Thin” [excerpt]
MacGillivray “Murdered Mermaid Song” [mixed in]
Mudhoney “Burn it Clean”
Rubber Mate “Car Crash”
Boris Policeband “Tow Away”
Not Waving “Head Body”
Implog “Holland Tunnel”
Radio Birdman “Hand of Law”
Bastard Noise “Flesh Near Automation” [excerpt]
Joachim Nordwall “Soul Music”
Zack Kouns “How Did You Learn To Not Hold Onto Your Body”
Howlround “Cantonese Subs/Fog at 5am” 

[your DJ speaks over “The Knife that Cuts the Handler” by Oblong Box]

MGMT “Song for Dan Treacy”
Impact Test “The Looters”
The Twinkeyz “Twinkeyz Theme”
Wilfred “Jackie” Edwards “Whenever There’s Moonlight”
Television Personalities “I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives”
Gad Whip “Train Song”
Hank Williams “Lovesick Blues”

[your DJ speaks over Mongo Santamaria’s version of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”]

“Puttin On the Ritz” (Y.F. Version)
Skozey Fetisch – untitled track from the CD, momma:key
Die Elektrischen “aether” [mixed in]
Stimulus “Solstice” [mixed with]
Jason Crumer “Self Pity Fuck” [completely mixed in to the Stimulus track, above]
Meat Beat Manifesto “Oblivion/Humans”
Hawkwind “Spirit of the Age”
Silverfish “Jimmy”
Sonic Youth “Bubblegum”
Roy Rogers “The Streets of Laredo”
Larry Willis “Police Car”
Blind Willie Johnson “(I’m Gonna Run to) The City of Refuge”

[your DJ speaks once more]

John Trubee & The Ugly Janitors of America: “Now I Step Over Your World”
Get a little closer!
Thomas Leer “Private Plane”
Hawaiian Garbage “Breathe”
Batsumi “Toi Toi” [cut off while recording, but resurrected!]
Master Musicians of Jajouka
Glands of Eternal Secretion “Icebox (Defrosted Mix)”

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Not Cute

Originally aired on Monday, 11/6/2017

Opening lines from the film, “Coming Apart” starring Rip Torn
Untitled track by the Plastic Boner Band
Madame P “Phantasia”
Ben Richter “Panthalassa, I” [excerpt]
Die Elektrischen “crunchy frog”
Phantom Chips “Buzzoidscircling”
Erek Gita “Whipped Egg for Piggy Sammich”
Dick Hyman “The Topless Dancers of Corfu”
Okay Temiz & Johnny Dyani “Sark Gezintileri”
Porest “Advocate of Cadavers”
Disco M’Bobulate “77% of the Dead”
Smegma “Stereo Action”
Ekkehard Ehlers plays Albert Ayler
Latin Playboys “Chinese Surprize”
Fink Muncx Four “Coffee, Tea, or Me”
Gene Austin “Blue Kentucky Moon”

[your dj speaks]

The Dead Milkmen “Take Me to the Specialist”
Gigi Parker and The Lonelies “Beatles, Please Come Back”
Klaus Nomi “Lightning Strikes”
Harry Nilsson “Early In the Morning”
Kleines Schwingvergnugen “Jahre Frauenbewegung”
Roger Waters & Ron Geesin “Dance of the Red Corpuscles”
Untitled track by “Juice Machine”
Fall of Because “Middle Amerika”
Maria Teresa Luciani “Sunday in Town”
Brian Eno “Lizard Point”
Lea Bertucci “Rods and Cones”
Pablo Casals performing the first movement of Bach’s Suite No. 1 in G Major
Daniel Viglietti “A Desalambrar”
Hawkwind “Be Yourself” and the first part of “Paranoia”

[your DJ speaks over R. Stevie Moore’s “Flowers Sleep into the Night”]

Rolling Stones “Heart of Stone”
The Horrors “Excellent Choice”
Tab Cola & Vaseline
Mae West “Slow Down”
If, Bwana “Men Age At 3” [excerpt]
Institut fur Feinmotorik “ohne titel”
…some more of that If, Bwana piece…
Anne-James Chaton & Andy Moor “Not Guilty”
Devo “Beautiful World”
Super_Collider “Cut the Phone”
Aaron Ximm “rainmaking”
Vomir “Enregistrement” [excerpt] [mixed in]
Miss High Heel live on WZRD!  The year was 1997, and that wizard is still on the air…
"that was kickass"
Alex Izenberg “To Move On”

[your dj speaks over Zelienople “chase scene”]

Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come “Trouble”
The Horrors “Monica Gems” remixed by Daniel Avery
Zeitkratzer “5 Min” - excerpt